Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking – I love to cook and bake and because of that I have come across some of the best kitchen gadgets. The key to a good widget is that it is useful and easy to use. Today, I’m sharing 20+ of my favorite kitchen gadgets to help you in your cooking and baking.

Kitchen gadgets tend to get a bad rap because you buy them with every intention of using them, but they end up in a cabinet forever, never to see the light of day again.

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

This collection of useful items are things you’ll use again and again. We’re not talking big, bulky items that take up counter space. They are small but mighty and you will be glad you picked them up!

A List Of The Must Have Kitchen Items: What Every Cook & Baker Needs

For your convenience, I’ve included Amazon links below to the actual products I use in my kitchen, and you can find them all here in my Amazon store. I am an Amazon affiliate. If you buy something from one of my links, I’ll earn a small commission, but you won’t be paid anything extra. Cutting and cutting

Whether you’re carving a chicken, slicing cheese, or slicing a cream cheese cake, here are some of my favorite ways to get the job done.

This handy little sharpener has a comfortable grip, a guard for your fingers, and works well for its modest appearance. It’s dishwasher safe, the blades are reversible, it doesn’t rust, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Scissors made specifically for the kitchen are thicker and stronger than standard scissors. These shears will cut both meat and grass. They disassemble for easy cleaning, are rust resistant and come with a lifetime and money back guarantee.

The 9 Kitchen Gadgets That Changed The Way I Cook Forever

Every kitchen needs a paring knife. I cook a lot so I actually have quite a few of these beauties. This little knife is cheap and costs less than $13.00. It has a non-slip handle and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

A friend of mine in high school told me about his avocado slicer. He said: “I was upset when my husband gave it to me, but it really is the best!” It splits, pits and slices your avocado, has a comfortable handle and is dishwasher safe.

As you can imagine, I take a ton of measurements. Flour, sugar, milk, cheese, the list goes on. What about peanut butter and honey and other sticky ingredients? Here are my measurements.

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

The best part about this measuring cup is that you don’t have to hold it at eye level or bend over the height of the meter to check the accuracy of the measurements. The inclined surface allows you to take accurate measurements from above! I honestly don’t know why I went so many years without one of these.

Best Kitchen Gadgets To Buy In 2022

6. AdjustableMeasuringCup – I learned about this handy kitchen tool a few years ago when I was making peanut butter cookies. The cool design measures wet and dry ingredients and lets you squeeze sticky ingredients like peanut butter, oil and honey without mess or waste. No more digging into that measuring cup with a rubber spatula!

7. Grease Separator – I’ve had this indispensable gadget in my kitchen for more years than I care to remember. If you’ve ever roasted a fatty piece of meat (hello chuck roast) and had to spoon the fat off the top, you’ll love me for saving you some time and energy! Simply pour the liquid through the heat-resistant strainer above, let the liquid settle, then pull out the rubber stopper. The fat separator does all the work for you by keeping the fat on top, allowing you to pour off the consumed liquid.

There’s a lot of chopping, grating, dicing and shredding going on in the kitchen. over the years I have found some super useful kitchen gadgets that really help get the job done!

8. Citrus Zester, Cheese Grater, Micro-Grater – I have used many types of graters over the years, but this micro-grater has been a godsend. It’s great for citrus zest, chocolate shavings and for grated fresh cheese like Parmesan. You can also grate onions, ginger root and garlic with it. This particular zester has a non-slip handle and is rust resistant.

Kitchen Gadgets That Practically Make Dinner For You

9. Garlic Press with Silicone Peeler – I don’t use a garlic press anymore because it’s hard to clean. This garlic grinder rolls over the garlic, grinds it, and pushes it through holes where it lands on a spoon-like curved belly. Cleaning is very easy, and a peeler with a silicone tube is included. Place the garlic in a tube and roll it in your palms to easily remove the skins.

10. Herb Shears – Seriously folks, this is the bomb. I make salsa fresco all the time and grow fresh herbs in the garden. Cutting grass is a chore, but a lawn mower makes the process a lot easier! The scissors come with a cleaning comb which I honestly don’t need. Washing under the tap usually helps. They are also suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

11. Ninja Food Chopper Express – If I can avoid getting my big 12-cup food processor or full-size blender, I’ll get this little gem. I like this thing! You can use it in everything from pureed soups to smoothies to pesto.

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

12. VidaliaChopWizard – I love this chopper so much I bought it for all my (adult) kids for Christmas last year. Whenever I need to chop or grind a lot of vegetables, I pull this puppy out of the cupboard. Includes a handy cleaning comb and two large blades. You’ve probably seen it many times in my recipes.

Tiktok Viral Kitchen Gadgets That Are Incredibly Useful

It’s not just about the spoon. I want to tell you a few handy things that will make mixing and whipping easier.

13. Flat Wire Whisk – I still have a regular balloon whisk, but I reach for a flat whisk more often. The best part is you can wipe it off and nothing gets left in the middle!

14. Meat/Potato Masher – While this is really great for mashing potatoes (I really like it for my crockpot mashed potatoes!), it’s also perfect for shredding burgers and other ground meats while you’re grilling them!

15. Small Rubber Spatula – These are small rubber spatulas and I can’t live without them. Great for getting leftover jam from a small jar or for serving small desserts in dessert cups. I still have and use my full size rubber spatula, but I don’t think I’m without these little ones.

Best Kitchen Gadgets That Chefs Actually Use And Love In 2021

I could go on and on with the list of kitchen gadgets, but these are gadgets that help you cook. I have a few favorite items to share.

16. Fish Spatula – I bought this fish turner on the recommendation of a friend. She said: “I don’t use them specifically for making fish, I use them as everyday spatulas. They are my favorite tool.” I have to agree, I use them for anything that requires a spatula. My only regret is that I’m left-handed and didn’t buy in the first place! You can bet I have now.

17. The Ove Glove – I know I’ve talked about this before. You’ve probably seen them in action in some of my recipe videos. I never liked those bulky cooking gloves that my grandmother always used. These handy oven mitts make things easier to handle and are very heat resistant. I use them all the time.

Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking

18. Cuisinart Egg Cooker – A few years ago I was buying fresh eggs from a friend in the county. I was telling him how when I cooked them, they were horrible to peel. As it turns out, the fresher the eggs, the harder they are to peel – unless you poach them! This egg cooker does just that and they come out perfect every time. It comes with little poaching trays (for delicious eggs benedict!) and mini omelettes, but I mainly use it to make soft-boiled eggs, perfect for egg salad and deviled eggs!

The Best Kitchen Gadgets To Buy In 2022

I don’t know about you, but after hours in the kitchen, my lower back is tired and my legs are hurting. Whether you’re relaxing with a latte or a cocktail, there are many ways to help.

19. Comfortable Anti-Fatigue Pad – Trust me, this pad is a big help! Super thick and ergonomically designed for comfort, you can stand in the kitchen without those dogs barking at you! I park mine right in front of the long counter where I do most of the prep work.

20. French Press Coffee Maker – I had my first French press coffee at a roaster in Las Vegas. The French press was brought to the table, pressed against the handle

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