Time-saving Cooking Hacks

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If you’re struggling to find time to cook healthy dinners from scratch, Simply Vegan editor Holly Johnson shares her time-saving kitchen hacks.

Time-saving Cooking Hacks

Time-saving Cooking Hacks

If, like me, you don’t have the patience to chop things up, use your blender instead. If you are making a curry, chilli, soup or paella, throw your onion and garlic into the blender first; if you are making slaw, use the grater attachment.

Time Saving Kitchen Hacks While Following The Low Fodmap Diet Foods online Australia

Ordering in bulk saves money and packaging and means you always have those essentials to make a meal. Organize your cupboard and keep an eye on basics like tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, quinoa, nuts, seeds and oil.

I store mine in Kilner bins and when they get low I hit the whole food store. Then I have to make weekly orders for fruit and vegetables, from Athna Kings or the supermarket.

On Sunday evenings, I often make large batches of food for the week. ‘Chickpea tuna’ is very popular in our house – I use it in sandwiches or on potatoes through their skins. I also prepare a big bowl of salad, homemade pesto and quinoa that can be used at dinner. Store them in the fridge in Tupperware boxes.

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of planning my meals in advance. I like to eat what I want that day, but this often means an extra trip to the supermarket for that one missing ingredient.

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A good tip is to consider leftovers when planning your meal – chilli enchiladas with vegan cheese can be made the next night. Or leftover falafels make a delicious breakfast with guacamole and roasted tomatoes.

I prefer overnight oats and chia porridge because you can add so many different things to them to change the taste. Before I go to bed, I throw oats and/or chia into a bowl and cover them with milk ready for the next morning. Then I simply add blueberries, coconut flakes, frozen raspberries – whatever I have in stock.

Thank God, we are now in a period where we don’t have meat in the house, but my son (eight years old) is not completely vegan – yet! I get around this by making hearty ‘meat’ dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese with blitz walnuts and mushrooms, JusRol wellingtons with gravy and vegan sausages with mash (Richmond being the most successful!). If I’m making pizza or lasagne, I use Waitrose Vegan Cream Sauce to add that sweet, cheesy feel.

Time-saving Cooking Hacks

Cheese sauces were a revelation when I first went vegan. If I’m planning to make mac and cheese, I’ll pour some cashews into a bowl and cover them in water to soften overnight and when it’s dinner time, I just boil the macaroni and the cashews break it up with garlic, a little miso paste, soy milk, nutritional yeast and Dijon mustard. Try the recipe and you can use it for a white sauce or for a cheese dip.

Cooking Hacks For Lazy People To Impress Friends & Fam

I don’t know about you, but this really stresses me out! Even though I stock up on nuts, seeds, lentils, detergent and shampoo at my local health food store and use a plastic free veggie box, I will still have crisps and snack packs and empty milk cartons.

Try clearing out a cupboard with storage tubs for all kinds of waste — Tetrapacks (find your local recycling center at tetrapakrecycling.co.uk), candy wrappers (find out where they can be recycled at recyclenow.com), and etc.

If one of these is gathering dust in the back of the cupboard, give it pride of place on your kitchen counter! Slow cookers are great for making soups, stews, curries, chili, ratatouille and risotto. Jackfruit is also delicious when slow cooked with herbs and spices – throw it in before work and come home to a healthy meal ready!

I have so many favorite recipes that I use regularly, but some are online, some are in cookbooks and some are in magazines. This year, I’ve started storing them in a ring binder — that way, anyone can access them and so I’m not the only one who can cook ‘vegan’ and I can easily found when I need to shake up a meal. . in a hurry (which is daily!).

Life Changing Food Hacks That’ll Make Cooking A Breeze

Holly Johnson is the editor of Simply Vegan and juggles her full-time job of cooking vegan meals for her family of four, walking her cocker spaniel, early morning strength training and studying vegan nutrition.

Holly is the editor of Vegan Food & Living magazine and the host of the Simply Vegan podcast, where she chats with some of the biggest names in the vegan movement.

We use cookies to give you a better experience on . By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies as set out in our Cookie Policy. I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. More time than I want most days of the week! There are many things I love about cooking, but the preparation and clean up are not my favorite part of my cooking adventures. While I enjoy delicious food, I’m almost always looking for creative hacks and shortcuts to make life easier.

Time-saving Cooking Hacks

I’ve compiled a list of some kitchen tips and tricks that took me years to realize I was doing wrong. Everything from waste reduction to time-saving hacks, you’ll soon see why you never thought of them before.

Work Smarter, Cook Faster With These 10 Time Saving Culinary Hacks

I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few forgotten ice cube trays lying around in the back of a cupboard somewhere. It’s time to put them to use again! They are perfect for freezing leftover sauce, soup, milk, tomato paste, fruit juice and more. This is a great way to reduce waste as well as having useful small portions of commonly used ingredients available.

Small portions of frozen chicken or beef broth are great for reheating meat as well as adding flavor to rice or pasta. 2. Fresh Product Paper Towel and Magic

If my produce is not washed and cut ahead of time, it often goes bad in my fridge because everyone is too lazy to make a salad or eat some grapes if they are not prepared and ready to eat. I try to wash and cut a lot of my produce to prevent this from happening, but the extra moisture can cause it to go bad very quickly. There is a simple answer to that! Paper towels.

Paper towels are very effective at absorbing moisture and preventing your produce from wrinkling and growing mold. 3. Save Time in the Kitchen

Kitchen Time Hacks

Convenience store items may not be the best way to save money, but they definitely give you more time to do other things. Chopping onions is probably my favorite kitchen task, so I don’t mind spending an extra $1 to have them cut for me already. This also reduces the number of meals needed to prepare dinner!

Most grocery stores offer shredded rotisserie chicken in their deli sections. This is a huge time saver when making soups, casseroles, sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, and more! 4. Try Natural Nut Butter

The oil in natural peanut and almond butter always separates, which has made my life really miserable at times. Do not be worried! There are a few ways you can make this painful process a little easier. Here are the full details on how to stir nut butter without being boring.

Time-saving Cooking Hacks

If you have kids, you know it’s hard to pack a lunchbox that doesn’t include the usual sandwiches and chips every day. Here are some tips to make lunchtime more exciting!

Money Saving Cooking Hacks: Tips And Tricks To Save Time, Money And Energy In The Kitchen For Christmas

Heat up a frozen meal or leftovers and pour into a small thermos. The easiest hot school lunch you’ll ever make! 6. Sheet Pancakes

If you are serving four or more people for breakfast, this really is the easiest and best way to make pancakes! A quick breakfast idea for sleepovers, large families, parties, holidays, brunches, and more. Full Recipe and Instructions

Use that handy can from Pam to spray more than just your pans and bakeware! These things work wonders on kitchen appliances. I also like to spray it on my hands when I’m rolling cookie dough, forming beef patties, or pressing Rice Krispie treats or cereal bars instead.

I sprinkle lime more often than I should in cocktails, and I’m always so disappointed when I go to squeeze one and get a little spike. Microwave a lemon or lime for 10-20 seconds to almost double the juice!

Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

It’s also best to store your citrus fruits on the counter instead of the fridge to maximize the flavor and amount of juice you get. You can also roll them on the counter with the palm of your hand before slicing. 9. Get More Use Out Of Your Pizza Cutter

Let’s not call it a pizza cutter anymore! This ingenious tool is great for cutting

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